Saturday, September 09, 2006

Reading the Bible

OK, it's not the snappiest heading I've come up with, but it is the title of a very good new book, published by SCM (Student Christian Movement). SCM are probably best known for their publishing arm, and for being the student movement that isn't evangelical. Just lately, they have tended to focus on justice campaigns.

However, this book is a welcome piece of writing. It gives an excellent overview of issues relating to the Bible - what's in it, why, and different ways of reading. COmes with a CDROM of useful stuff and handouts. Read all about it and download samplers here

If you don't want to be challenged, stretched, enlightened and you really want to stay comfortably in the box occupied by your present knowledge, then don't buy this. Otherwise, I recommend it!

PS It's £10


Graham Price said...

Looks good! I think all too often there is an assumption that all Christians are familiar with the make-up and history of the bible as we know it now. Also for those who've never studied it formally there can be a blithe acceptance that it is "100% the true word of God" without examining what that truly means. I would highly recommend a read of the "you pays your money" article about selective bible reading. Excellent.

Mike said...

Yes. Looking forward to using it somehow