Friday, September 08, 2006

Laboring the point

US spelling doesn't usually bother me. Another country is perfectly entitled to adopt its own linguistic conventions, even when they involve rearranging the spelling of our own tongue. I'm not even too worried about Americanisms entering UK usage. In fact, I remember Bill Bryson provising a list of words that aren't, but everyone thinks they are.

The issue that bugs me is this. In the New York Times recently, they have been reporting on British politics, and they repeatedly refer to the Labor Party. We all accept that Americans have colors, travelers, etc, but Labour Party is a proper name. It should be spelt exactly as the organisation (or is that organization?) spells it. In the same way, we shouldn't have Technicolour, as it is an American brand name.

I'd write to the NYT, but somehow, I don't think they'd be very interested!


Anonymous said...

Does your wife know you spend so much time blogging, Mike?!

Mike said...

Dear Anonymous,
Yep. Actually, it only takes a few minutes

Anonymous said...

Only teasing!

Graham Price said...


Does your wife/husband know your name?

emma said...

I was put up to it! (She dives for cover!) Don't shoot me please! And now my cover's been blown... (it's not like I can comment really, there's surely far more worthwhile things I could be doing than reading someone elses blog, sigh). There were more comments to come (like about the shelf in the pantry) but perhaps I won't write them after all. Incidentally, my husband doesn't know my name... nor me his for that matter... not yet anyway...!