Monday, September 25, 2006

It went!

Sunday went OK, after some quick problem solving. In the past, the Chaplaincy stall has been next to the queue for photos to be taken. That meant decent quality contact time, a chance to talk, fill in a form, with no sense that we were causing any delay.

New setting in a foyer, earlier in the process meant people walked straight past, pausing only to take the literature we thrust upon them. Solution: make and photocopy a questionnaire. Managed it by 10-40am (we started at 10am). The rest of the day went fine, and we finished a little earlier than we feared. Back at 8pm to walk down to pizza and Late Evening Service at St Thomas'. 8 freshers came. Not bad when you're competing with the first party of term.

Monday. After 5 shows, I'm feeling a bit numb. Interviews went well, video worked and SU, students and SDAS (student support department in college) all turned up for their interviews. Sadly the Principal was tied up seeing Boris Johnson, so I can see that was a tough date to turn down!

Only the last show overran to 40 mins. Chaplains don't just do religion is the key message we got across (we also do chat shows), and hopefully the other interviews did the business too. Taking some time out today to recover! Now we wonder whether anyone will turn up on Wednesday.

Took another decision. Chapel Service is mind-numbingly boring as a title. Worship on Wednesday is the new name. We could use the initials WoW, but I feel only post-modern ironic usage is permissible.


a.p.whitehead said...

I'm glad Sunday went OK. I remember the peculiar politics and history involved in the welcome day at St Martin's. Were you all in the Alex Building? The plan was on the table when I was still there.

Emma said...

Well done! WoW is strictly cheeze and can be used in bad jokes only, but then you're good at those! I don't suppose you need a database creating??!

Mike said...


1) We were in the Alexandra Building, and in the end it went OK. The problem seems to me that no-one is given the brief of project manager for the whole event, and so people answerable to different managers are trying to resolve problems with people from other departments.

2) We do need a database, so any offers of time on that welcome.

Emma said...

Superb! Have landed myself with work for the next 2 days, if nothing appears on Friday I'll come up then!