Thursday, August 31, 2006

It's green in California

I like to take a look at the New York Times from time to time, so I get it emailed. There's a story today about California voting to cut its CO2 emissions by 25% by 2020. The state already has quite a few controls in place, and it's getting tougher. Where the Federal government seems to be happy to let things grow, some state governments are taking action. The anticipated reduction in CO2 per annum for California if they achieve it? 174,000,000 tons!!


Graham Price said...

A significant proportion can no doubt be attributed to the Governator's personal 'Humvee' Limo... Americans are also complaining about rising Gas prices, currently $3 per gallon. That works out at about 42 pence a litre (or is it liter??!!) Those poor impoverished souls..

chris dawson said...

Excuse me Mr. Price, its actually $2.57 down the road from me. And yes there are far to many SUV's around here. Its funny how when Petrol (gas) prices go up, people begin to talk about the damage that we are doing to the enviroment, yet once the petrol prices are lowered people seem to forget about it. Very odd.