Monday, July 10, 2006


Off to New Wine soon. (Newark, Notts this time)

Not a great N-W fan, for a number of reasons, mainly as it requires a week's worth of camping. I also have to work hard to avoid excessive numbers of people whose enthusiasm I am failing to share. Brilliant for time with people from our church, however, which makes it a priority.

Anyway, bought a cheap tent from Argos. Not only can we not test it in our garden (no grass), I have just realised that it is 7 x 3.2 metres. That's more floor area than most people's living rooms. I think we may have to pay council tax on a structure that big!

Anyway, should fit the four of us and all our stuff in, and give me space to ponder what I really think of the charismatic movement. (that's the movement that emphasises experiences of the Holy Spirit for readers who - quite reasonably - aren't into this Christian jargon)


Chris said...

My wife is a children and youth worker for a church that attends New Wine. When we joined the church 3 years ago our first week with the church was at New Wine. We both went the following year. Last year I got out of it (but my wife still went). This year we're both off to help at a CYFA venture which, conveniently, is the same week that our church is going to New Wine.


Guess what I plan to do again next year..!

I think it's the over-enthusiasm that kills it for me. Or maybe it's what appears to be the over-reliance on all things New Wine at our church the rest of the year. If it's from New Wine then it's definitely brilliant. If it's not then we'll have to think seriously about it before we do it. OK, so I don't actually think our church is quite like that, but I do wonder sometimes!

Songs are another thing though... I got told once that I shouldn't introduce any new songs before New Wine 'cause there would be lots of great new ones at New Wine that we'd be playing. I'm still waiting for the great ones that came last year...

Ho hum.

I think I've successfully managed to get New Wine moaning out of my system for this year. I do hope you have a good time!! It's actually not that bad.


One more serious problem, I think, is there is a certain cliqueyness within our church group when they go - that's probably the worst bit. Particularly bad as we are still, relatively, new comers in that sense.

I reckon our church should abandon New Wine and try out Spring Harvest..!

Monaing over, for real this time.

chris dawson said...

How many visions of green valleys do you think there will be? I’m going for 7 (it’s God’s number!)

Mike said...

Cool. Getting some response. Chris (not dawson). Absolutely agree on lots of counts.

The one thing we are lucky with is that most people who go aren't cliquey, and they don't go on about NW all year as if the Kingdom never makes any progress anywhere else.

I share your scepticism about the songs, too. Brian Doerksen leading worship is the only one I remember - and he led well.

Chris D. You're as bad as me.

Keep posting guys. Good to hear from you.

emma said...

Yey for New Wine! And camping is such fun Mike! Though I'm taking rather more clothes to sleep in this year then maybe I'll get some! I'll help you put the tent up, I like putting tents up :D.

On the other side of the matter, doing children's work means I've never really seen the raving side of things ;)

Mark Laynesmith said...

Reminds me of the time I went on a student retreat and took a copy of the Qu'ran with me... Ahhh, student rebellion days.

Mike said...

Quality, Mark!

Graham Price said...

Greetings all, the church we're going to (Trinity, Cheltenham) are heavily involved in New Wine, though it is a delight I've yet to sample. I've heard there is a bar though, so signs of progressive thinking at least... For those interested I'm working for Ecclesiastical in Gloucester (Familiar, Mike??) and living in Cheltenham, very good fun.
With those kind of events (NW) you have to go with an open mind and be ready not to go too overboard with enthusiasm, as it makes the come-down to normality on Monday morning all the harder.

Will continue to monitor this excellent Blog, well done Peatman.