Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Ok. Here's a good one. I am currently staying at our Carlisle campus to help with a Christian stewardship conference we are hosting here. (Great venue, by the way) It was 31C according to the BBC weather website. In the afternoon, we went on an outing to Lanercost Abbey, near Hadrians Wall. On the way in the middle of nowhere on a narrow road, we met a gritting lorry. I kid you not, it even had its orange lights flashing. Now that's what I call being prepared.

On a different tack, Gordon Brown has named his new son James. Presumably he feels good about it. (sorry- couldn't resist that one)


Chris said...


You may have seen that by now.

I'd like to know why they are trying to make the roads "non-stick" though. Surely we want cars to stick to the roads...?

Emma said...

But perhaps they don't want the roads to stick to the cars?!

It has been 30 degrees in my classroom today according to the thermometer on the wall. My classroom is considerably cooler than outside so I can't think how hot it must be really! No complaints from my side, in 2003 when I was in France it was 50 degrees for about a fortnight and over 30 for the rest of the time I was out there and it was lush :) bring on the heat! And long may it continue into next week then maybe I won't need my extra pullies for sleeping in at New Wine that I could have done with last year!

Graham Price said...

50 degrees?? Blimey.. I'm melting personally, so can't wait to be wet and cold in winter. British society just isn't equipped for warm weather. Cold showers before bed are highly recommended.

Chris said...

Our air-con has broken in our office :-(