Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Bought a track on iTunes the other day, and noticed at the bottom of the screen a little feature (this is the Mac OSX version) called Just For You or something similar. So I clicked it. It gave a set of recommended tracks, based on previous purchses. The truly distressing thing was that a Celine Dion track was on the list! What have I done to deserve this?

Then, relief. Of course - it was the Kelly Clarkson track my 8 year old bought. Must have triggered the random female power ballad algorithm. Relieved to see Buffalo Springfield listed further down the list - that's more like it!

Anyway, it's the Beta version - ie slightly unreliable test version, so hopefully Celine will soon vanish from my projected preferences

Mind you, Amazon did suggest a book called "Is it me, or is everything s***". They obviously have me sussed


You need to ask? said...

Can I borrow the book when you get it?

I am going to write a book one day called,

"Why is it that everybody else in the world can't see that it is they who have the problem?" Please note the correct use of the nominative.

Emma said...

Well I certainly had you down as a Celine Dion fan, Mike! You shock me!

Matthew McMurray said...

Is this the right place to admit that I have 7 albums of hers!?

Mike said...