Saturday, June 10, 2006

Footie first thoughts

Phew, through the first match and three points on the board. What did you think?

"Well, it was a game of two halves." [it actually was - in both senses]

OK I'll stop the cliches there, but England have got off to their usual shaky start, this time a little more successfully. No doubt the media will be full of "why did he take Owen off, put Hargreaves on, we're a striker short..." talk until the next shaky performance. Still, it was a great free kick that earned the goal.

Wonder what difference it would have made to our prospects over the years to have had a UK team?

Ryan Giggs would be one name that springs to mind, and what about George Best on the field in that fantastic match against Brazil in 1970? We'll never know, but I suspect more success may have come our nation's way. After all, it's very odd that one sovereign state should have four (weakened) teams. The privilege of being first in the game, I suppose. Also means we can't enter the Olympic soccer tournament.

We'll have to settle for how things are, but let's hope they play a bit better next time.

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Matthew McMurray said...

Having watched the England match and the Sweden v. Trinidad and Tobago match, I don't think that we will have too much of a problem beating either team.

Although I agree that the second half of our match was disappointing, I think that we were much stronger over all.