Monday, June 12, 2006

Footballing thoughts continued

Sorry if this is a bore - I'll post something lightweight on the theodicy of Acts Chapter 5 in a bit.

Aussie view of World Cup football. 
"It's the 84th minute, we're a goal down, so we'd better win it or the bloody Poms will have one over us!" 

Genius! Result: Oz 3, Japan 1. Apparently they even have a plan as to how to beat Brazil. Aim high, fellas!

Also contemplating the most appropriate beer to drink during a World Cup match. Most people obviously go for Carling, or Budweiser (sponsor and source of those American ads in the ITV coverage). I have just bought some Brazilian beer from our local store, which was one a B.O.G.O.F offer. Somehow the taste of a winning nation seems appropriate. However, if the Aussies do it, I may restock with Fosters.

Full tasting notes will follow at a later date.

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St said...

Cold beer; try M and S Belgian lager.

Or Carlsberg Export.