Thursday, May 04, 2006

Blogger Mac & U2charists

Just discovered that a new piece of software is available for my Mac at home (currently writing this on work PC during a quick coffee break). Apparently you can get a Dashboard widget for Mac OsX that will post your blog for you. You just type in the text. Obviously that's no good if pictures or fancy formatting is involved, but it will help me to keep up.

Yesterday in chapel we had a U2charist. They are a new idea catching on in the Episcopal Church in the USA, so Steve (Methodist Chaplain) led and I helped with a bit of visual. All music U2, some with video images, others with still, some just to listen to (and one to receive communion to). Ekklesia article here, MSN article here

We concluded that it would be good to try it at night (this was 12 Noon) and also a smaller, clubbier, venue would have given it a different feel again. Interesting experiment, though.

I also wonder how we can get people to participate more actively (given that not many sang along and no-one was dancing!!)

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