Thursday, March 30, 2006

A very British crisis

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Just read that MPs tabled a motion proposing a ban on the sale of Blue Peter badges. Apparently there has been outbreak of badge buying and selling, as they can give you free access to a range of attractions around the country. (more at BBC News here) Now two Lib Deb MPs have tabled a motion (news here) calling for the sale of badges to be banned. Even Ebay took them off their site.

How do you ban the sale of one badge and not another? And how will they make the legendary Blue Peter badges secure? Will they require photo ID, or chip and pin? (could be good names for the next Blue Peter dogs)

I can understand why they have got so upset about it, but there are so many vouchers for major attractions floating around in circulation anyway, I wonder how much damage it has really done.

A very British crisis
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St said...

I lost my Blue Peter badge. Devastated. Won it in the 1960s as a runner up in the Christmas Annual competition.